About Us

​SCARS Committee Members are:

​Chairperson & Founder Tracy White
June Harman Treasurer
​Lyn Robinson Administration & Marketing
We are always looking for new Committee members. You can request a Membership Pack via our Contact Page

Stalbridge Cancer and Recovery Support (SCARS) was founded in 2014 by Tracy White who, having been through the
difficulties of cancer diagnosis and treatment, found that there was no local support for those who were going through the same.

Tracy's vision was that the group would be an informal and kind place where members would feel relaxed and at peace.
Regular monthly meetings are supportive and consist mainly of members discussing relevant, irrelevant (and sometimes, irreverent!) topics and if they wish, telling the group of their experiences of the past few weeks. No-one is required to speak and new members may just wish to listen to others and draw from their experiences.

Meetings are very friendly affairs, "round table" style and are a good excuse to forget about the difficulties of life for a couple of hours.
Most importantly, all members treat the meetings as private and confidential so that new members can feel safe about what they discuss or disclose.

Support and friendship is not just restricted to meetings and members are supportive to each other whenever anyone needs help or just a bit of company.